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FFM-ROCK (8/10)

Yarrr, horns up to Michael from FFM-ROCK who gives „When The Shit Hits The Fan“ 8 out of 10 points. Thank you!

Ave Noctum (7.5/10)

Arrr, raise your horns filled with delicious rum to Gizmo from AVE NOCTUM where When The Shit Hits The Fan scores 7.5 of 10 points. Thanks for your support!

Metalunderground.at (4/5)

Thanks to Robert for the great review on Metalunderground.at.

Hellfire Magazin

Thanks to Michi for the very nice review of our upcoming album „When The Shit Hits The Fan“, which will be released on the 30th of March!

Tortuga Goes To Timetravel

„Tortuga has sailed the seas since 2015 under the leadership of Capt’n Mary Read. In terms of musical style the band stays true to its course“.Starting today, hosted by Radio Timetravel

Dummschwätze Podcast

Turn on today. Sascha and Lukas from the Dummschwätze Podcast will present you a song of our new album „When The Shit Hits The Fan“. RELEASE 30th of March 2018.


Thanks to Lydia for her great review of our album Pirate’s Bride on Metalogy.de. Apparently she likes our shit :).

Ave Noctum (7.5/10)

AVE NOCTUM from England has reviewed Pirate’s Bride with 7.5/10 points. Sabers up to Gizmo and Pete. Thanks for your support on avenoctum.com.

Metalunderground.at (4.5/5)

METALUNDERGROUND from Austria has reviewed Pirate’s Bride with 4.5/5 points. We raise our three-cornered hat to Robert. Thanks for your encouraging review on Metalunderground.at.

FFM-ROCK (8/10)

The first CD review by FFM-ROCK with 8/10 points.We are overwhelmed… Thank you for the great support by the FFM-ROCK team.

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