TORTUGA – Yes we are pirates!

Tortuga orginate from the Saaribbean and play Heavy‘N‘Roll. Metal Underground writes: „Easygoing and the many fresh elements between Heavy/Power and Folk Metal are juggled powerful and meaningful!“

„Yes, we are pirates!“, anyhow whether classically, spooky, drawn or being flying buccaneers , the SaarRockPirates put their tricorn on top, whereever they please. Whatever we touch becomes pirate!

Live, Tortuga convert the stage to a pirate ship under the leadership of Captain Mary Read indulging in the thought of freedom and adventure.


2015 – Pirate‘s Bride
2018 – When The Shit Hits The Fan
2019 – Leinen Los
2021 – Flying Dutchman


(4.5/5) Metal Underground
(8/10) Powerplay
(8/10) FFM Rock


Legacy, Classic Rock Radio, SR3, Aktueller Bericht, Radio Diefflen and more…