Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Captain Mary Read, and I am the leader of the Heavy’N’Roll Fleet in Tortuga since 2015. I am very pleased to present to you our exposable CD Pirate’s Bride. I am contacting you to bring our pirate music in the focus of public. It’s better for you to believe in pirate stories, because you are already part of one.

See You Soon

Captain Mary Read Captain Mary Read
Commander since: 2015
Special techniques: Sound of the sea
Origin: Celtic Highlands
Contact: mary@tortuga-band.de
Sir Blackbeard Sir Blackbeard
On board since: 2015
Special techniques: Six-string sabre
Origin: Holy Bron Island
Contact: blackbeard@tortuga-band.de
Jack the Knife
On board since: 2017
Special techniques: ?
Origin: ?
Contact: jack@tortuga-band.de
Woodleg Willy Woodleg Willy
On board since: 2016
Special techniques: War Drums
Origin: Battery Island
Contact: willy@tortuga-band.de