2015 – Pirate’s Bride

Yes, we are pirates! Hundreds of years too late, but now we have returned!

Tortuga - Pirate's Bride

CreditsLyrics – Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

01) The Beginning Listen to The Beginning Download The Beginning
02) Ready For Boarding Listen to Ready For Boarding Download Ready For Boarding
03) Black Jack Listen to Black Jack Download Black Jack
04) Beauty Is Her Middle Name Listen to Beauty Is Her Middle Name Download Beauty Is Her Middle Name
05) Land Ho Listen to Land Ho Download Land Ho
06) Silence Before The Storm Listen to Silence Before The Storm Download Silence Before The Storm
07) The Captain’s Crew Listen to The Captain's Crew Download The Captain's Crew
08) Tortuga Island Listen to Tortuga Island Download Tortuga Island
09) Pirate Song Listen to Pirate Song Download Pirate Song
10) Under The Curse Listen to Under The Curse Download Under The Curse
Full album Listen to Pirate's Bride Download Pirate's Bride
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Nach dem Motto „Yes, we are Pirates“ schufen die selbsternannten Piraten mit ihrem ersten Album eine feine und originelle Abwechslung im unendlichen Metal-Universum. Unbedingt anhören!METALOGY.

Die Fregatte wurde dabei mit viel frischem Blut gewienert und die Totenkopfflagge weht ehern im Wind. Das macht es aus und somit überzeugen die Piraten(innen) auf ganzer Front.METALUNDERGROUND (4.5/5).

Traditioneller Heavy Metal im Zeichen des allgegenwärtigen Bekenntnisses zur Piratenflagge, dem Black Jack, – dafür steht der Name TORTUGA!FFM-ROCK (8/10)

If you can get over your hip bone and your ironic reflex and fancy a galleon full of solid catchy Teutonic via NWOBHM heavy metal and a fist full of high seas tales then ship out with Tortuga.AVE NOCTUM (7.5/10).



At the midst of the 18th century the age of pirates came to an end. 300 years later the scourge of the caribbean has returned. If a shadow roams the seas, the sound of war drums is pounding at the coasts and the smell of sulfur is in the air then they cannot be far. Only god knows what they are up to. Maybe you are next?


Captain Mary Read Captain Mary Read
Commander since: 2015
Special techniques: Sound of the sea
Origin: Celtic Highlands
Contact: mary@tortuga-band.de
Sir Blackbeard Sir Blackbeard
On board since: 2015
Special techniques: Six-string sabre
Origin: Holy Bron Island
Contact: blackbeard@tortuga-band.de
Jack the Knife
On board since: 2017
Special techniques: Six-string sabre
Origin: Battery Island
Contact: jack@tortuga-band.de
Threefinger Bill
On board since: 2019
Special techniques: Five-barrel blunderbuss
Origin: Bass Rocks
Contact: bill@tortuga-band.de
Woodleg Willy Woodleg Willy
On board since: 2016
Special techniques: War Drums
Origin: Battery Island
Contact: willy@tortuga-band.de