2018 – When The Shit Hits The Fan

Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you!

Tortuga - When The Shit Hits The Fan

CreditsLyrics – Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

01) Pirates Ahead Listen to Pirates Ahead Download Pirates Ahead
02) Gold And Glory Listen to Gold And Glory Download Gold And Glory
03) Tortuga Inn Listen to Tortuga Inn Download Tortuga Inn
04) Pirates Of The Sea Listen to Pirates Of The Sea Download Pirates Of The Sea
05) 10 Little Pirates Listen to 10 Little Pirates Download 10 Little Pirates
06) Appearances Are Deceptive Listen to Appearances Are Deceptive Download Appearances Are Deceptive
07) Ghost Dance Listen to Ghost Dance Download Ghost Dance
08) I Am Sick Of This Shit Listen to I Am Sick Of This Shit Download I Am Sick Of This Shit
09) What The Fuck! Listen to What The Fuck Download What The Fuck
10) Dead Man’s Chest Listen to Dead Man's Chest Download Dead Man's Chest
Full album Listen to When The Shit Hits The Fan Download When The Shit Hits The Fan
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This ten tracker is a pretty sound piece of work. All in all, a quite pleasurable experience from a band that certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously. What are you waiting for? This is music by pirates that can’t be pirated!POWERPLAY (8/10)

Erfrischende Brise Folk-Metal mit schmissigem Abenteuerflair, bei dessen Inhalhttps://powerplaymagazine.co.uk/shop/p/powerplay-209-june-2018t es einen überkommt, am liebsten selbst in See zu stechen.FFM-ROCK (8/10)

Locker und mit vielen frischen Elementen zwischen Heavy/Power und Folk Metal wird kraftvoll und sinnvoll vereint jongliert!METALUNDERGROUND (4/5)

Bury your cynicism deep in the sands, and let them just entertain you. They have the chops and the potential. I mean, What The Fuck? I like them.AVE NOCTUM (7.5/10)

Die gelungene Mischung aus Folk und Heavy Metal, mit dem nie aus der Mode kommenden Thema “Piraten”, macht einfach Spass.HELLFIRE MAGAZIN



The years have passed and pirates appeared on the horizon. They took harbors by storm all around the world. Don’t you remember Captain Mary Read? They found a treasure, deeply hidden in the darkest coves of the Caribbean. Yet what they would expect nobody could anticipate. The heathen gods have put a terrible curse on the gold. The story continues…


Captain Mary Read
On board since: 2015
Role: Captain / Vocals
Task: Leading
Contact: mary@tortuga-band.de
Sir Blackbeard
On board since: 2015
Role: Helmsman / Guitar
Task: Staying on target
Contact: blackbeard@tortuga-band.de
Jack the Knife
On board since: 2017
Role: Bosun / Lead Guitar
Task: Controlling the quality of merchandise
Contact: jack@tortuga-band.de
Threefinger Bill
On board since: 2019
Role: Gunner / Bass
Task: Fire cannons
Contact: bill@tortuga-band.de
Woodleg Willy
On board since: 2016
Role: Quartermaster / Drums
Task: Supply & Logistics
Contact: willy@tortuga-band.de