2021 – Flying Dutchman

I’m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours. — LEWIS CAROLL

Tortuga - Flying Dutchman

CreditsLyrics – Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

01) Above The Clouds Listen to Above The Clouds! Download Above The Clouds!
02) Stowaway Listen to Stowaway Download Stowaway
03) Pirates Of Saaribia Listen to Pirates Of Saaribia Download Pirates Of Saaribia
04) Parley Listen to Pirates Of Saaribia Download Parley
05) Stormriders Listen to Stormriders Download Stormriders
06) Code Of Conduct Listen to Code Of Conduct Download Code Of Conduct
07) A Place Behind The Sun Listen to A Place Behind The Sun Download A Place Behind The Sun
08) Rackham’s Revenge Listen to Rackham's Revenge Download Rackham's Revenge
09) FSM Listen to FSM Download FSM
10) Shark Of The Dark Listen to Shark Of The Dark Download Shark Of The Dark
Full album Listen to Flying Dutchman Download Leinen los!
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Yes, we are pirates!, anyhow whether classically, spooky, drawn or being flying buccaneers, the SaarRockPirates put their tricorn on top, wherever they please. But make no mistake, we are not just the rulers of the seas. With „FLYING DUTCHMAN“ we take off and we become the kings of the sky!

Captain Mary Read
On board since: 2015
Role: Scrying commandress
Contact: mary@tortuga-band.de
Sir Blackbeard
On board since: 2015
Role: Stormseeking helmsman
Contact: blackbeard@tortuga-band.de
Jack the Knife
On board since: 2017
Role: Rapid-fire gunman
Contact: jack@tortuga-band.de
Threefinger Bill
On board since: 2019
Role: Rocket propulsion engineer
Contact: bill@tortuga-band.de
Woodleg Willy
On board since: 2016
Role: Cook
Contact: willy@tortuga-band.de