Credits – Flying Dutchman

All songs written and performed by Tortuga except for A Place Behind The Sun by Fabian Görgen and FSM by Landstalker. Lyrics of Pirates Of Saaribia by Andreas Müller. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tortuga Studio by Gernot Gebhard from August 2020 to April 2021.

Bandlogo by Tortuga.
Cover art and booklet concept by Julia Trampert.
Pictures taken by Julia Trampert in Dillingen.

Violin on Pirates Of Saaribia and A Place Behind The Sun by Julia Neumann.
Accordeon on Code Of Conduct by Frank Schneider.
Piano on A Place Behind The Sun by Fabian Görgen.

Guest vocals on A Place Behind The Sun by Kevin Portz.
Guest vocals on Stowaway (TDHK Version) by Wiebke Neu and Svenja Trampert.

Pirate crew on all songs except A Place Behind The Sun by Lumpen Caro (Caroline Roloff), Sir Dennis Treepwood (Dennis Roloff), Duchess of Müller-Diefflen (Esther Müller-Dahlen), Andreas Raubein (Andreas Müller), Nelly de la Rouge (Tina Emmerich), André von Trinidad (André Erzig), Bernd the Beard (Bernd Schmitz), Dauerwellen-Peeß (Torsten Peeß), Säbelrost Björn Silver (Björn Hacket), Sir Philipp Rackham (Philipp Albert), Messerjockel Matz (Matthias Schindel von Helfenstein), Tobi the Rock (Tobias Palzer).

Special thanks to Stefan Müller and Christopher Freeman.
Extra special thanks to the vegetarian pirate with the black beard.