Credits – Pirate’s Bride

All songs written and performed by Tortuga except for The Beginning by Michael Firmont. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tortuga Studio by Gernot Gebhard from January to Mai 2015. Drum recording at Studio Greywolf by David Vogt.

Supported by Francesco Cottone.

Bandlogo by Tortuga.
Cover art and booklet concept by Julia Trampert.
Pictures taken by Ole Wilke in Cologne.

War drums on all songs by Andreas Meyer.
Bass on all songs by Thomas Laux.
Bagpipe flute on Pirate Song by Renate Iffland.
Child vocals on Black Jack by Gabriela Henschel.

Pirate crew shouts on Beauty Is Her Middle Name, Land Ho, Ready For Boarding, Tortuga Island, and Pirate Song by Sir Michael Drake alias Michael Hoff, Der einäugige Kai alias Kai Scholl, Captain Andreas Raubein alias Andreas Müller, Chris Stoppelbart alias Christoph Klein, Sir Philipp Rackham alias Philipp Albert, Messerjockel Matz alias Matthias Schindel, Woodleg Willy alias Andreas Meyer, Sir Dennis Treepwood alias Dennis Roloff, Leichtmatrose Marco McBoso alias Marco Bourgeois, Sir André von Trinidad alias André Erzig, and Säbelrost Björn Silver alias Björn Hacket.