TORTUGA – Pirate made Heavy Rock

They say: „Freedom begins in the mind!
As much as our everyday lives tie us down with our self-imposed ideals, TORTUGA, with their humorous take on piracy, manage to break through them.

Pirate made Heavy Rock„. TORTUGA is somewhere between 80s rock and heavy metal: rhythmically casual, catchy and melodic.

„Nothing for Killjoys!“ With their attire, TORTUGA enjoy the luxury of non-conformity in a time that is all too conformist anyway.

Lay on a keel?“ What began as a duet studio project in 2015 became a band in 2019. The five-piece hails from the Saaribians (Saarland).

Captain Mary Read: Vocals (since 2015)
Blackbeard: Guitar (since 2015)
Jack the Knife: Guitar (since 2018)
Threefinger Bill: Bass (since 2019)
Little Jim: Drums (since 2023)

Everything that goes into the net becomes pirate!“ TORTUGA put their tri-corner hat on various topics for the fifth time.

Lost and Found
2015: Pirate’s Bride (classic piracy)
2018: When The Shit Hits The Fan (Horror Pirates)
2019: Leinen Los! (Comic Pirates)
2021: Flying Dutchman (Steam Pirates)
2024: Overdressed (Slapstick pirates)

Overdressed 2024

Music: Download Overdressed
Length: 41:35 min.
Genre: Pirate made heavy rock
Release: 31 May 2024
Label: independent
Medium: CD (Full-length album)
Album type: Studio album

Even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance, Overdressed is more relevant than ever.
Especially in this day and age, we are once again realizing that freedom cannot be taken for granted. Overdressed embodies the freedom to be anything you want – even if you are a pirate. And so TORTUGA parody various genres and clichés with rocking guitars and catchy melodies in their latest work from the perspective of a pirate and encourage you to sing along with their amusing lyrics. In Overdressed, pirates get into the craziest situations, some of which may be familiar to you. Pure slapstick! The sound of the album is characterized by laid-back rhythms, a groovy bass foundation and driving drums. English lyrics collide with melodic harmonies and a jokey pirate flair – lively, light-footed and, above all, captivating. Frontwoman Captain Mary Read moves appropriately between soft and rough, often polyphonic cleans, which emphasize the pirate jokes.


01) Leck mir den Arsch fein schön recht sauber
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1782) describes the inner attitude of the songs in „Overdressed“.

02) Captain Shakespeare
To do what you like is freedom! Let nobody tell you which way to go, for only the Mandalorian can.

03) Whiping Your Butt With A Hook Ain’t That Easy
Self-explanatory, or have you ever tried to wipe your arse with a hook?

04) Powdermonkey
Our captain! At daytime he’s a cold-blooded pirate, in the night he’s a princess in pink. What the hell, fuck it!

05) Knock Knock
Who’s knocking on our cabin? What’s that? Cabbage soup as bait for aliens? That works! Even for pirates.

06) Desinfection Is My Satisfaction
Isn’t there an inner Monk in all of us?

07) Kiss Of The Gauntlet
Some people just cannot refrain from it and only understand one language.

08) Stinky Dave
When the front itches and the back bites, it’s called…

09) This Is My Orange Table
From the Light Crystal Centre in Plüderhausen! We remember his royal sanctity and his medial school of life at the Orange Table.

10) The Ferguson
Even pirates have learnt to appreciate and love it. Only the modern pirate shits on a Ferguson – the Stradivarius of toilets.

11) Bonustrack Ready To Know (Heavy And Loud Cover)
Fuck Corona! This song is dedicated to our musician friend Mike Kadi from the band Heavy’n’Loud (FR), who passed away in 2021.

In-house production and all that…

Tortuga has been producing its albums in its own Tortuga Studio since 2015.
Over the years, the band has acquired a wealth of experience in soundscapes and the corresponding production methods. Even difficult elements such as choir vocals have been refined from album to album. Tortuga puts a lot of heart and soul into the music and takes constructive criticism (as harsh as it may be) into the next round every time. Artwork and co. are also created in-house and in collaboration with the Tortuga crew. The band is down-to-earth and combines family, friendship and music. „If you love what you do, the rest will follow!“ (FARGO)


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