Ahoy, mateys!

We are proud to present you our first album Pirate’s Bride!


Pirate’s Bride – 31/08/2015

Tortuga - Pirate's Bride

Credits – Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

01) The Beginning Listen to The Beginning Download The Beginning
02) Ready For Boarding Listen to Ready For Boarding Download Ready For Boarding
03) Black Jack Listen to Black Jack Download Black Jack
04) Beauty Is Her Middle Name Listen to Beauty Is Her Middle Name Download Beauty Is Her Middle Name
05) Land Ho Listen to Land Ho Download Land Ho
06) Silence Before The Storm Listen to Silence Before The Storm Download Silence Before The Storm
07) The Captain’s Crew Listen to The Captain's Crew Download The Captain's Crew
08) Tortuga Island Listen to Tortuga Island Download Tortuga Island
09) Pirate Song Listen to Pirate Song Download Pirate Song
10) Under The Curse Listen to Under The Curse Download Under The Curse
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