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Pirates set sail and enter the Fark

Arr mateys,on Saturday August 28th, 2021, we play for you on the Fark at 19 o’clock. Save the date and see you then!

Flying Dutchman Studio Diary: Guest Vocals

Wiebke (Captain Mary Read) and Svenja (Valerie Barnet), the two main roles of the metal opera „Pirate’s Bride“ (2019), once more performed the opera version of „Stowaway“ for our upcoming album „Flying Dutchman“

Flying Dutchman Studio Diary: Piano

1,2,3,4 … What! Counting so much makes you crazy! If you are ready, you may dare to take a look at the studio work here.

Flying Dutchman Studio Diary: Bass

And on it goes! Threefinger Bill has finished his job. Take a look through the porthole!

Flying Dutchman Studio Diary: Accordion

And we keep dancing! This time with a new man on board. Thank you Frank for coming. Now the Tortuga is no longer standing still and has got another crew member.

Tortuga is off to the sea

We are back on track! Shit it’s hot!

Flying Dutchman Studio Diary: Violin

Shake the dance floor! There is dancing on the Tortuga. Because we are the „Pirates of Saaribia“. On board our violinist Julia Neumann. Thank you for being on board again.

Flying Dutchman Studio Diary: Drums

The drum recordings to our fourth studio album „Flying Dutchman“ are finished. But see for yourself…

A Special For And With You

We are overwhelmed! From Saturday morning to Sunday evening we received 40 videos from you. We are very happy that you want to be a part of our #wirbleiedehemm project. Now we start working on it.

Tortuga Stays At Home

Idea Competition Winner

And the winner is: SHARK OF THE DARK by Anne Schlösser.

Flying Dutchman Is Coming!

Which song title is still missing? Do you have any ideas? Mail your conceptions to or post them on Facebook or Instagram.

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